Let process


Step 1

Find your favourite property at CHAMPS

Either you come to London for work or study, you will find properties that only CHAMPS could offer.

Step 2

Free lettings consultation

The experienced team at CHAMPS is composed of professional lettings consultants based in London. They will guide you through online or on-site viewings.

Book a viewing

Step 3

Make an offer

You may pay a deposit (equivalent to rent for a week) in order to make an offer. It secures the property while we communicate with landlord about your needs.

Step 4

Offer Agreed

When landlord agrees to your offer, CHAMPS will prepare the following:

  1. Send you Offer Confirmation for signature
  2. Conduct reference check if you wish to pay rents monthly
  3. Prepare Tenancy Agreement
  4. Collect your documents and ID
  5. Conduct Right to Rent check

Step 5

Sign Tenancy Agreement

CHAMPS will send you the Tenancy Agreement. You can sign online.

Step 6

Pay move-in funds

Please pay move-in funds (usually includes the first rent payment) according to the amount and date specified on Offer Confirmation. Doing so will grant your check-in


Step 7


Given the move-in funds arrives on time, you will be able to check-in after 12pm on the tenancy start date. CHAMPS looks forward to seeing you in London!

Chill with your property at CHAMPS

CHAMPS is a proud member of London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, under the supervision of Property Ombudsman.