【CHAMPS Real Estate Sharing Meeting 】 Shenzhen forum successfully concluded!

【CHAMPS Real Estate Sharing Meeting 】 Shenzhen forum successfully concluded!

Sterling continues to fall to 8.4! UK house prices are rising at their fastest rate for 15 years, rising by £1,700 a month. According to Rightmove, more cautious property buyers are expected to move in 2022 due to a combination of post-pandemic work resumption and stamp duty holidays in 2021, while London's property market, affected by the coronavirus crisis, is expected to return to normal over the next 12 months, with asking prices expected to rise by 3% in 2022! To this end, 2022 will be the year of rapid entry into the British market, is the time to reap the dividends!


On December 11, CHAMPS UK Real Estate united Pacific One Holding Group held the UK Real estate Future Investment Sharing Meeting in The Huangting Center, Futian District, Shenzhen, which was attended by more than 10 local high net worth individuals;  They paid close attention to UK investment in 2022 and asset allocation under the pandemic, and spoke highly of the symposium.  

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Guests sign in  

The discussion invitation to domestic well-known feng shui masters - He Yi Lin (long service in China, agriculture, industry, building the big four Banks and domestic well-known enterprises) for the customer on nonyl tiger year investment forecast, the learned knowledge and rich experience for the guests to solve 2022 first-class investment strategy and interpretation and the advantages and disadvantages of related financial products.  

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Master He Yilin delivered the forecast report of Yin Tiger Year of Ren Yin  

 Then Karen, chief analyst of Pacific One Holding Group, explained to the guests how to rationally distribute assets under the epidemic situation.  Based on her own experience and rich experience, Karen explained the future investment opportunities, investment methods and investment strategies of the UK through relevant product cases and the economic situation of the UK under the epidemic, and deeply analyzed how high net worth individuals optimize and upgrade their wealth, which was highly recognized by the investors attending the meeting.  

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Karen, chief lecturer of Pacific One Holdings Group  

 Finally, Mr. Ling Yunfeng, head of CHAMPS Real Estate -- China Division, introduced in detail the one-stop service of CHAMPS Real Estate and the professional Butler service of British gentlemen.  

Finally, Mr. Ling Yunfeng, head of CHAMPS Real Estate -- China Division, introduced in detail the one-stop service of CHAMPS Real Estate and the professional Butler service of British gentlemen.  

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Annie, senior Investment Advisor, attended the meeting to share investment trends  

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With their overseas investment knowledge and rich investment experience combined with Master He Yilin and Karen's economic situation in the UK, they answered relevant investment methods for the guests.  And for the present high net worth individuals in the Year of Ren Yinhu investment made a beautiful answer paper, which was recognized and appreciated by everyone.  

CHAMPS investment team, adhering to the core concept of customer interest, fully introduces the advantages and risks of the Greenwich Peninsula project in the case they handle, and matches the best asset allocation and management solutions for clients with a global perspective and customized expert team.  To support Chinese British assets with the most advantage, comprehensive one-stop personal butler service, for customers to buy British escort.  

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After the lecture, the enthusiasm of the guests continued unabated. Many investors who are interested in investing in The UK enjoyed the exquisite tea break while consulting the investment experts. The atmosphere reached white heat.  With the patient answers from the investment experts, the guests spoke highly of the lecture, which not only guided their investment in the UK, but also broadened their new ideas for overseas investment.  

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In 2021, the itinerary will be longer than one section, but in 2022, CHAMPS Will continue to launch national activities to protect every high net worth family in China when they reap the British dividend!