CHAMPS China Event 2019 - Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong

CHAMPS China Event 2019 - Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong

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2019 is a year of ups and downs for countless investors-the implementation of the CRS common reporting guidelines, the twists and turns of Brexit ... The well-known British Chinese housing company, CHAMPS Real Estate, started at this time After the National Consultative Exchange Conference in 2019, he traveled to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and other major cities.

As the UK's most senior and professional Chinese real estate giant, what kind of company is CHAMPS Real Estate? What kind of first-hand professional analysis did investors bring to investors this time?


CHAMPS (UK) Real Estate Investment Management Co., Ltd., established in London, England, is one of the earliest and most professional Chinese overseas real estate investment management groups. For more than 10 years since its establishment, CHAMPS has provided professional services such as high-end real estate leasing, UK real estate investment project consulting, project mergers and acquisitions, and full-course property custody and maintenance to Chinese people around the world. Currently, CHAMPS represents more than 200 projects across the UK, with turnover exceeding 960 million pounds.

Unlike ordinary housing enterprises, CHAMPS is not satisfied with the functional positioning of traditional housing enterprises, but actively explores real estate financial products that can solve the urgent needs of customers from the perspective of customers. Therefore, CHAMPS's territory also involves highly professional businesses such as first-hand housing development and trust fund investment in London, providing customers with more personalized options for long-term cooperation.

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CHAMPS 'Exclusive Property Development Project CHAMPS's policy of putting customers first is not only reflected in the business, but also in the customers themselves. So far, more than 100 CHAMPS tenants have become landlords with the help of CHAMPS. Realizing the value of each house, creating value for each landlord, and even enhancing the value of tenants, is the know-how of CHAMPS that has stood up for more than ten years.

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It is worth mentioning that CHAMPS, as a Chinese enterprise that has been cultivated in London for a long time, has established inexhaustible relationships with all walks of life outside of real estate-from the career development of international students to large-scale celebrations of Chinese festivals. ..... During the 2019 National Consultation and Exchange Conference, CHAMPS did not forget to shoulder its social responsibility and strongly sponsored charity evenings hosted by the 4 highest universities in London.

2019, Back to Investors

As mentioned earlier, CHAMPS is an enterprise from the perspective of investors, so it is not difficult to understand why it is far from London, but insist on returning to investors every year.

To be sure, as a local professional housing company in London, CHAMPS's expertise in British real estate is second to none. However, with multiple offices in China, the headquarters of CHAMPS still believes that the core of the company must fully understand investors: understand their needs, concerns, and investment preferences. Only when all units have a unified understanding of customers can they provide more accurate investment advice and customize more delicate professional services.

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The national consultation and exchange meeting in 2019 was chosen to take place in December because there were many major events affecting international investment during the year. After investigating and discussing major news during the year, CHAMPS decided to set the theme of this year as the latest progress of CRS and overseas tax planning.

Relying on the good reputation of the Chinese and British circles, the large-scale lectures held in Beijing and Shenzhen were unprecedented and there were crowded scenes:

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In addition to senior overseas investment experts, there were special guests from HSBC, British Real Estate and Investment Weekly. With the world's leading professional height, they analyzed the topics of CRS, UK real estate investment, overseas investment loans and other topics for investors who were lucky to participate. Investors have said that this is a worthwhile trip.

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UK Property Investment Magazine Chief Editor Mr. Fan

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Participants flip through the CHAMPS brochure

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Free premium refreshments on site

CHAMPS brought not only professional analysis but also high-quality real estate. Whether it is a cost-effective school district room or a high-end apartment in the elite zone, every investor can find the house of his own with the help of CHAMPS. Immediately after both lectures, several houses were ordered out by the participants. I came to participate in the lecture, that is, "to seize the last opportunity to invest overseas in 2019".

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In this way, CHAMPS Property ended the main itinerary at the National Consultations in 2019. Investors who are still interested, are at the moment one-on-one with the professional investment consultants of CHAMPS in major cities. Their investment story is far from over, so is your investment story going to start?